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AIMC PCLC Program Overview:

  • The AIMC Project Consulting Leadership Certification Program is a Case Study based remote training initiative for consultants in project leadership roles to enable them to demonstrate those skills in a project setting
  • The Program involves a series of conference calls or cohorts to review the associated consulting competency areas to be learned
  • Each participant selects a project early in the program and the application of these competencies will be documented in the Case Study Summary at the end of the project or a project phase with discrete deliverables.  Individual coaching calls will also be scheduled with each participant
  • Certifications for Pilot participants will be awarded upon successful completion of the Case Study assignment.


  • Target Date for Opening Webinar session:  November 16th, 2018 (assuming a critical class size is reached by November 1st.
  • Subsequent monthly sessions:  December 2018 through March 2019
  • Certification awarded when Case Study assignment completed and approved

Registration Process:

Contact the AIMC at info@aimc.org to indicate your interest in participating in the program.  Once the target class size is reached, prospective participants will be contacted to complete registration.


  • $1,350 for AIMC Individual Members
  • $1,500* for Others in Member IC Organizations
  • $1,700* for Foundation for Manufacturing Excellence Members
  • $1,950* for non-AIMC Members

* Includes a one year AIMC Membership


Business Need:

  • To provide a consulting training and certification path for internal consultants who are either currently in a project leadership role or just entering that role – which is tied to the AIMC Consulting Competency Model
  • This training also provides a framework to help track consultant development (such as demonstration of these skills on future projects) and to aid in consultant development and recruiting programs.

Program Benefits:

  • Ability to utilize work experience for the training
  • Convenience of attending conference calls and individual coaching sessions while on the job
  • Access to reference material in each competency area which can be referred to as needed

Learning Objectives:

  • To understand the consulting skills competencies involved in effectively performing in a project or practice area leadership role
  • To demonstrate these competencies in a project setting
  • To provide a basis for continued tracking of development program for participants

Consulting Leadership Competency Categories:

  • Business Acumen:  Providing thought leadership re:  industry knowledge; performance measurements (incl. comp ROI), etc.
  • Business Process Optimization:  Importance of client involvement & ownership
  • Change Management:  see Integrated Project & Change Management Methodology
  • Client Service Focus:  Effective listening & building trust
  • Coaching:  Team capability building role & issue resolution
  • Management Consulting Skills:  Problem solving & team bldg
  • Professional Impact:  Thought leadership, needs analysis & issue resolution
  • Project Management (At Leadership Level):  Difference between traditional PM & consulting leadership role

Case Study Requirements:

  • Participant Acting in a Project/Program Leadership Role
  • Project or Project Phase Completed with Discrete Deliverables

(Options:  Project Starting Soon; Currently in Progress; or Recently Completed)

Project Assignment Outline:

  • Project Description (Charter/Case for Action; Objectives/Desired Impact; Target Timeframe)
  • Role of Participant (In Both Project Diagnosis/Solution Design/Planning Phase & Project Management & Implementation Phase)
  • Application of Consulting Competencies
  • Project Deliverables & Overall Impact
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