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In order to provide consultants with an internationally recognized certification in consulting, the Association of Internal Management Consultants (AIMC), in partnership with Butler University Executive Education, is introducing the new AIMC Certified Consultant Program. The program involves nine online learning modules/courses and a certification test that upon successful completion, along with other requirements, results in the award of the AIMC-CC designation.

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Value of the Certified Consultant (CC) Designation

  • Indicates that you have the knowledge and abilities to be a fully functional consultant working with client teams.
  • Provides the credentials to give you an advantage in being hired and promoted in a consulting role by a variety of organizations
  • Exposes you to leading methodologies and best practice approaches across all nine core consulting competencies, which have been provided by leading consulting practitioner
  • For consulting organizations, it helps to enhance your overall training and development program and also makes your group more attractive to prospective talent.

The learning modules and the test will cover the basic knowledge a consultant needs to be competent in each of the nine AIMC Core Consulting Competencies:

  • Data Analytics and Insights
  • Organizational Transformation & Change
  • Customer Experience & Service Focus
  • Strategy & Business Acumen
  • Project Management 
  • Management Consulting 
  • Coaching & Team Development
  • Process Design & Improvement  
  • Leadership & Professional Impact 

Click here for a further description of each Module/Course — AIMC Certified Consultant Course – Module Descriptions.

Fees for Introductory Phase:

  • $1,779 for all 9 Modules/Courses including the test.
  • Fee for each Module/Course taken individually:  $179 (with separate fee for test)
  • Test only option:  $575

Requirements to Receive Certification and AIMC-CC Designation:

  • Complete all 9 Modules/Courses
  • Pass the final exam based on content of these Modules (if you do not pass on the first attempt, a one retest is included in the price).
  • Completion of a Bachelor’s Degree plus one year’s experience in an internal consulting type role prior to Certification.  Applicants who can demonstrate suitable equivalent experience could petition for approval.

The AIMC Certified Consulting Program provides a unique opportunity for consultants to become certified in their profession and display the designation of AIMC CC along with their signature. While earning this certification is a prestigious accomplishment, it also comes with responsibility. As an AIMC Certified Consultant you become a member of the community who will seek to continually improve the content of this program and ensure we are providing a leading-edge experience for developing consultants. With that in mind, it is important to remember this is version 1.0 of the AIMC Certified Consultant program. Prior to launch we conducted program reviews and worked to ensure you will receive an excellent online learning experience. That being said, it is possible that you may encounter some issues in the system. Our hope is this will not occur. However, if it does, we are asking for your help to ensure we quickly resolve them so we can ensure the quality of our program. Our goal is to provide the best program available. Your partnership to make that possible is highly valued and an important part you can play as a member of the internal consulting community.


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