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AIMC 2023 Virtual Conference

 November 14th and 15th,
10:00 am to 3:00 pm Eastern Time

Theme:  Enhancing the Value of Internal Consulting

This highly interactive two-day event provides an opportunity to network with internal consulting professionals and learn from keynote speakers and internal consulting leaders about key methodologies and best practices to help enable you to add maximum value to the overall enterprise.  Sessions will also be recorded.

November 14th

Keynote 1:   The Science of Organizational Change, Paul Gibbons

Could effecting change in organizations, strategic, operational, technological, or cultural, be more scientific? How much science is there already?  More worryingly, how much pseudoscience exists?  From which domains of inquiry would this science come?

Our opening keynote features Paul Gibbons, author of The Science of Organizational Change and Change MythsHis opening will cover:

      • What are the most pervasive and damaging “change myths,” some still taught at the Harvard Business School?
      • How can we use critical thinking to decide which models, tools, and methods we apply in our work?
      • How can behavioral science, neuroscience, and systems science be applied to changing organizations and increase the impact of internal consulting?

Key Factors for IC Groups to Thrive in Challenging Times

IC groups are facing increasing challenges to continually demonstrate their value.  This session will provide an overview of successful initiatives to sustain and grow their role, including:

      • Continually communicating key metrics, including a comprehensive return on investment approach
      • Linking their project/program focus to corporate strategic priorities
      • Effectively integrating external resources into key initiatives

Leveraging Flexible On-Demand Talent for Internal Consulting, Strategy & Project Management Teams

Whether solving critical issues, overseeing transformations or executing new initiatives, internal consulting, strategy and project management teams need to move fast and make smart decisions.  However, being stretched for resources in addition to ongoing expertise and capacity gaps requires the outsourcing of additional talent from project to project, which can be a timely and expensive effort.  The presenters will share details on how teams can leverage flexible on-demand talent to augment their internal teams and bring more value to their projects.

2023 Internal Consulting Awards Ceremony and Roundtable

Presentation of the 2023 IC Excellence Awards for Overall Excellence, External Partnering and Project Specific Excellence.  This session will also include a roundtable discussion on key learnings from IC leaders in the winning organizations.


November 15th

Keynote 2:  The Impact of AI on Strategy, Operations and Performance, Dr. Bradley Erickson, recognized expert and researcher in current and potential applications of AI.  His Keynote will cover:

      • What’s happening in the World of AI and the speed at which things are moving
      • Important areas of focus for organizations going forward and areas of concern
      • The key implications for business talent, technology, products and services and customer experience
      • Considerations for internal management consulting in an AI enabled world/organization

AIMC Training & Certification Progress Overview

Participants in this joint program with Butler University will discuss key benefits which they have realized from the Certification Curriculum, and AIMC-CC designations will be awarded.

Value Driven Possibilities for Internal Consultants in a World of Generative AI, including:

      • Discuss opportunities created through the rapid acceptance of Generative AI by various industries
      • Articulate options for internal consultants to build their capabilities and demonstrate differentiated contributions
      • Use case studies to outline potential roles for internal consultants in this innovative space
      • Offer key considerations and success factors for the adoption of Generative AI

Career Development Opportunities for Internal Consultants

A panel of IC leaders, individual contributors and students interested in learning more about the profession will cover opportunities for career progression in internal consulting and programs for development as an IC practitioner.

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