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AIMC offers resources for professional development such as skill-building events, networking opportunities, training and certification programs, and much more!

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Welcome to the Association of Internal Management Consultants:

The AIMC is a powerful network of Internal Consulting (IC) professionals and the external experts with whom they work. An AIMC membership gives you access to various resources that cover a wide range of practice areas.

About the AIMC

Now more than ever, internal management consultants are essential resources to their organizations. Whether change managers, process managers or organizational effectiveness and development specialists, they are invaluable to their organizations and help drive better business outcomes.


The AIMC mission is to help members improve their consulting skills and maximize their professional impact by providing valuable tools, resources and networks.

  • Develop & refine skills
  • Leverage expertise
  • Build knowledge and awareness of emerging and changing methodologies
  • Create lasting and mutually beneficial relationships
  • Gain insight from a global and cross-industry collaborative perspective

Participating Organizations

Organizational Benefits

Valuable Insights

AIMC helps build your value as a management consultant working for a corporation. The association also provides valuable insights regarding how to effectively utilize external consulting capabilities and optimize the organization’s overall consulting spend.


The AIMC helps make our members better consultants. The unique community of practice among leading internal consulting organizations is distinctive and has been cited as an important resource and support network by our members.


We also provide insights regarding key success factors and best practices in developing and managing effective internal consulting groups.


We keep you abreast of internal consulting trends through access to leading-edge research and our knowledge base of proven tools, techniques and methodologies. We also conduct numerous skill-building events and programs including conference workshops, chapter meeting sessions and our training and certification programs.


As an AIMC member you gain access to our Resource Library which includes: Member Directory, Tools and Techniques, Internal Consulting Forum & Research Overview, Newsletters, Skill-Building Workshops, and much more!


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