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Association of Internal Management Consultants

The AIMC mission is to connect, educate and inspire internal management consultants and the leaders they partner with around the world. We aim to be the global leader advancing the impact and profession of internal management consulting.

Who should join and Why?

Are you an…

  • Internal consultants (IC), IC leaders
  • IC without the title (e.g., change management experts, project managers, business analysts, etc.)
  • Strategy and operations leaders
  • External consultants who partner with ICs
  • Students exploring IC as a career path
  • Vendors that support IC work
  • Sister associations to AIMC (ASQ, PMI, SHRM, etc.)
  • Thought leaders in IC operations and competencies

Do you want to develop skills in strategy, analysis, design and implementation of solutions? Build knowledge and awareness of new/changing methods?

AIMC Membership Value Proposition

  • Annual Conference
    • Exceptional topics
    • IC Excellence Award Program (6 categories)
  • Interactive Learning Forum Calls
    • Topic Focused
    • Industry Focused (e.g., healthcare)
    • Functionally Focused (e.g., PM)
  • Career Center Services (e.g. job postings)
  • Extensive Knowledge Base, including:
    • Consulting Operations Guidelines
    • Best Practice Methodologies
  • Networking
    • Numerous Fortune500 companies involved
  • Consulting Certification Program
    • Joint Program with Butler U.
    • Covering the 9 Core Consulting Competencies

AIMC Membership Rate Chart

Academic – Active Student

$25 per year

MEMBERSHIP FORM Academic – Active Student

Academic – All Other

New Member – (First Year Only)

Retired or Independent

$100 per year

MEMBERSHIP FORM Academic – All Other

MEMBERSHIP FORM New Member – (First Year Only)

MEMBERSHIP FORM Retired or Independent

All Others



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