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 An important factor in the value of this Program is that it was created by experienced consulting practitioners providing proven best practice methodologies.

It also aligns with our Consulting Competency Model which was developed and validated through our best practice research across our global network of consulting professionals.

The AIMC would like to express our appreciation to the following key content contributors:

  • Stephanie Barsch
  • Andrew Billing
  • John Bonasera
  • Ben Borsuk
  • Andre Darger
  • Atul S. Dhanorker
  • Amerett (Amy) Donahoe-Anshus
  • William Gulley
  • Brian Kolle
  • Janine (Coelho) Kamath
  • Steve Meier
  • Daro Mott
  • Mark Orth
  • Aaron Price
  • Adam S. Resnick
  • Alexander Schuett
  • Wendi Tatum
  • Bill Trotter
  • MBA, PMP
  • MPA
  • MBA
  • MS
  • MA
  • MBA, CEC
  • MBA
  • MBA
  • PMP
  • PhD
  • JB, MBA
  • MMA
  • MSBA, M Intl Mgt
  • MBA, MEd
  • MAdmin, DPS
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