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AIMC Certified Consultant Course – Module Descriptions

Data Analytics and Insights

This module focuses on the consulting fundamentals of using quantitative and qualitative research methodologies to provide insights that assist with strategic decision-making and organizational problem solving. This includes data collection and analysis for defining business challenges, gathering and communicating insights, as well as recommending and implementing solution paths.

Organizational Transformation and Change

This module focuses on the basic concepts and tools internal consultants can use to support effective organizational transformation and change efforts.

The module provides a basic understanding of some of the fundamental change models in use today and equips you with tools that are widely used in organizational change efforts. From this foundation, you will understand the building blocks needed to explore more complex concepts in large systems change and organizational transformation and evolution. 

Customer Experience and Service Focus

This module focuses on providing the internal consultant with tools and frameworks to design and implement processes to improve the customer experience. It builds on the importance and impact of a consultant’s ability to develop a customer service focus. It also makes the connection between trust building and a service orientation on customer engagement and satisfaction.

Strategy and Business Acumen

The purpose of this module is to provide the knowledge needed to be considered competent with respect to strategy management and business acumen. To accomplish this, we will cover the basics of strategy management and provide general models that will help you understand how to address strategy management at an enterprise level or a functional level within a large organization.

Project Management

The purpose of this module is to provide the project management practitioner with a strong foundation in project management. This includes a focus on the fundamentals and tools of project management that relate to implementing consulting solutions and ensuring project success.

 During this course, an interactive toolkit is provided to assist the practitioner through each phase of the project management process. 

Management Consulting

The purpose of this module is to provide a basic understanding of the Management Consulting Process which includes contracting, discovery, solution design and implementation for sustainable outcomes. It does so by providing an end-to-end illustration of a potential lifecycle for an internal management consulting engagement for new and experienced internal management consultants. We will also explore how to measure the value of consulting work by introducing a comprehensive strategy for measuring return on investment.

Coaching & Team Development

This module provides the internal consultant with key coaching concepts and their application to working with clients and leaders to ensure project and strategic success. This module also provides insight into the processes and human performance fundamentals that are necessary for building, improving, and sustaining highly effective teams needed to support consulting work.

Process Design and Improvement

 This course aims to provide the internal consultant with tools and frameworks to design and implement processes to improve organizational effectiveness.  If focuses on approaches, methods and process improvement disciplines that impact key strategic and operational processes and overall organizational performance.

Leadership and Professional Impact

This module provides the internal consultant with basic principles of being a consulting leader. It also illustrates key concepts from servant leadership and how to be a trusted advisor enables a consultant to have greater professional impact. This module is built on the foundational connection between organizational and personal principles and values and the impact of cultural diversity and inclusion on organizational performance.

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