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Northeast Chapter Meeting

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Southeast Chapter Meeting

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  • European Chapter: 

    The European Chapter was formed in 2009 and has had numerous meetings in Germany, France and Belgium to date. Click Here for more detail on recent meetings and future plans.

  • Africa/Middle East Chapter: 

    Initial discussions are underway with interested parties in both Africa (including South Africa and Nigeria) and the Middle East (including Dubai, Bahrain, Abu Dhabi and Saudi Arabia)).

  • Far East Chapter: 

    Several members with colleagues in Japan, China and Australia have been discussing opportunities in this area.

US Based

  • Southeast Chapter: This chapter was formed in 2010 and has rotated meetings at major companies from Georgia to Kentucky.
  • Southwest Chapter: This chapter, formed in 2011, has rotated meetings among key metropolitan areas in Texas. 
  • DC Metro Chapter: Several meetings have been held and host organizations for future meetings are being sought.
  • Northeast Chapter: The Northeast Chapter was initiated in the Boston area in 2011.  Plans are in progress to reactivate the chapter in the New York area.
  • Mid-west Chapter: This chapter was formed in 2011 with meetings held around the region to date. 
  • West Coast Chapter: Several meetings have already been held and future plans for meetings in both Northern and Southern California are being discussed.

Our Vision is to develop a global network of internal consultants, and selected external consultants with whom they partner, to provide opportunities for networking, information sharing and learning on both a local/regional and global basis through meetings, affinity group calls, newsletters and our annual international conference.

Please send us an e-mail at info@aimc.org with the contact information for any colleagues/contacts who you think may be interested.

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